Central time.


It’s totally before midnight where I am, so there!

I just got in from a show to which the cinema staff bought me a ticket. I had to change the ticket, actually, because, y’know, buying tickets for other is fraught and I’m supposed to go a different show with my staff tomorrow…the day they had booked me at UP. Oops.

I am exhausted. More terrible improv from me, after a morning taking the El to the southern bit of the Loop and walking back here. There are a couple of photos on my Twitter feed, but I am too tired to reupload here at the moment. Being around people so much is too much for my ornery self.

A couple of things I’ve noticed, though: Chicago is pretty great. I’m staying at the junction of Old Town and Lincoln Park, which reminds me of a weird hybrid of The Annex in Toronto, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with smatterings of the Plateau in Montreal. Except, y’know, American. And unique. It’s a bit confusing. Oh, and cars (mostly) stop for pedestrians, which is weird.

I can’t lie; I’m acting like the asshole tourist I am in many ways. I find myself smirking at locals (mostly because of the accents; I rarely hear anything so midwestern and amazing), trying to ignore charity muggers, and cluelessly looking up at things when I should be looking ahead. But you know what? It’s kind of a compliment. A jerky one, but a compliment all the same. I’m rarely prepared to play tourist for real; mostly I want to try to blend in, even if I don’t speak the language, but here, I find myself annoyed because I don’t have time to see/do more. I’ll have to come back and relax and enjoy the town in a more relaxed manner.

In other news, it’s quite possible that Fred Armisen and/or Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are staying in my hotel because this is happening and I’m staying a ten minute walk from the theatre. I couldn’t get in, though I waited in line for 40 minutes, because demand was ridiculous. I might try at, like, 7am if I am awake, though I am truly disappointed not to see Fred Schneider doing improv for some reason.

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