I had one more thing on my to-do list for Wednesday and this is it.

Lies. I actually didn’t write down a to-do list today, and am now suffering for it, as tomorrow, I have a meeting (!) for which I actually have to read and prep shits (!!). As well, I’m waiting on approximately 800 emails to set up film shipments and details for two other festivals of craps* in the next month or so (!!!), but no one seems interested in replying to my queries.

And will the dodgy hard drive that only whirs up when propped at a certain angle finally mount after we run a disk repair utility on it? Or will we have to swing an emergency shipment from Europe to get a new copy of the movie? Who knows!?

Not me. I took the night off of all work to do laundry and watch ‘West Wing’. (I’m already pretty smitten with Toby, which was unexpected.))


*Craps meaning stuff, rather than actual poop, as I think the programming is pretty damned solid in both cases.

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