Churchill, Manitoba.


Had a hideous night’s sleep, fractured and weird (including being wide awake at 1:30am and ravenously hungry), full of strange dreams I can no longer remember. Hamish did not help, since he thought it meant he would be fed at 3:30. Or 5. You get the picture.

The only bit of dream I can recall is from after my early alarm went off. I was asking a bearded park ranger how difficult it would be to drive across Canada solo, but with a cat. He then explained while it was possible, it was fraught with danger, then brought me over to meet a coyote puppy (which was, this being a dream, pretty giant and vicious) and told me not to pet it or it would have my arm off, then brought me to get into his ‘van’, which was actually a polar bear-proof vehicle (somehow stored in a mountain?) that we had to enter from underneath. My upper body strength made this a difficult achievement and the ‘van’ was cramped and small.

I know it was a dream, but I don’t think I’ll be taking my cat across country any time soon.

I’m in a weird experience where I’m still friends with the ex- of a friend of mine on Facebook. She doesn’t post much these days, but she sure gets tagged in a lot of posters. She looks happy. I don’t begrudge her that. I just hope my friend doesn’t start asking me about them if somehow he sees this in one of those post-breakup funks/frantic FB searches/sobfests. These photos aren’t set to private, I don’t think.

Happy fourth of July, whether you’re celebrating the independence of the United States or just having a regular day. I’m off to the chiropractor this morning to spend all my money (it’s time to prepay up for 12 sessions), then beg for change from passersby so I can get a giant dark roast at Wild Oat.

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