Starting the day wonderfully, still reeking of popcorn from when I helped at a busy show last night, sweaty because of anxiety, and ready to sell the cat to the circus.

Insomnia is no fun. I’ve posted about it a few times, but in the last few months, I have had no troubles sleeping. If anything, I had troubles with not sleeping. I even nap sometimes now. I think it’s because I finally got my anaemia issues sorted (greens and beans and dried fruit, y’all).

But then, yesterday, I made a huge mistake and took a non-drowsy antihistamine. Despite the box claiming this product lasted 12 hours, it was more like 16. I slept in fits and starts, but nothing productive. Hamish sensing my awakeness, started his breakfast campaign around 4 in the most adorable and annoying ways (head butts, mrrrrping, rubbing his head on furniture in a somehow noisy way, bathing next to my head). This did not help me sleep either.

I feel like an empty shell of a human and, in an entire uncharacteristic move, the universe has gifted me with TWO meetings at work today. I am not sure that’s ever happened. One is very important, the other is a courtesy. Might email to delay the latter just because human shells are no good at staving off potentially pushy sales reps.

“Oh, yeah, pallet movers are really cool! I think moving heavy things about once every two months totally necessitates getting one. OMG CAN WE GET A HUMAN-SIZED ROLL OF BUBBLE WRAP?!”

But, y’know, in a mumbly, slurry, less coherent drawl because that meeting is seven hours away.

Can someone carry me to work? I’m too tired to bike or walk or drive or exist.

Things aren’t all doom and gloom, though, ’cause some folks I know are knocked up. Congratulations, you crazy kids! Your tiny human is very lucky to have you.

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