Coercing people into giving me money.


Took my Chromebook to Pressed for the first time (I haven’t been here in ages, and I’m not sure why – probably post-flood poverty?) in hopes of getting a whole lot of writing done, but it hasn’t worked so far. Maybe my sandwich will give me super powers after it’s digested a bit. So today’s daily entry is a plug/plea.

Last year, my pub quiz team (plus a few more folks) participated in World Trivia Night, the largest trivia event in North America, coming in fourth (and narrowly missing out on some cool prizes). We signed up a bit late, though, so our fundraising efforts were rather last-minute. We managed to scrape together several hundred dollars, but this year we’d like to aim a bit higher. All the proceeds go to the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, which is a very worthy cause indeed.

My donation page is here. Anyone who donates more than $60 will get a hand-knitted hat made by me (I’ll need a head measurement, mind). Nothing fancy (I’m not investing in organic, handspun angora rabbit dyed with Fijian sea urchin ink or anything), but you can pick the colour and I’ll try not to drop too many stitches. 🙂




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