Sleep: Diabolically hideous, punctuated by the cat deciding 4:30am was time for breakfast. I kind of hate everything (except sweet, sweet coffee) right now.

Yesterday’s writing workshop was pretty wonderful. No terrifying improv games, lots of people my age and slightly older or younger (unlike my class in Chicago where there actual teenagers), and lots of breaking free from my usual sad-sack spinster comedy (I wrote, with a partner, about drunk superheroes).

Most of the folks from Crush Improv were in the class too, and I got to do writing exercises with two of them. One said he saw some potential from the solo bits I did at the beginning of the afternoon, so that’s kind of cool. I’ll go to some of their shows and check them out (finally) — did not go to their 10pm show last night because, ironically, I thought I’d go to bed early — and ask them more questions about what they think I could be doing locally with the nonsense I write.

Due to go out adventuring on wheels today. Jackie says she wants to teach me to drive stick, so that when we go on our adventures to the Maritimes next summer, killing King Joffrey in the process and maybe feeding some of the poor fuckers in Flea Bottom, I can take over the wheel. Very intimidated. The last person to offer to do this was Richard, when I was 17. That is until after his friend Tim (who is much more adept with cars and mechanical things) proved a frustrating/ed student who nearly ruined a clutch, after which Richard said no one was learning to drive stick in his beloved Sun Bug. (That is not his actual vehicle, probably. Poor baby car was stolen from his mechanic’s lot. Or so the mechanic claimed. Very fishy.)

So, twenty years later, I will finally take the plunge. And, like twenty years ago, this will likely take place in the parking lots at Tunney’s Pasture. I suspect Jackie is a smidge more patient and her car is probably slightly less delicate than a car older than I am.

And, whether that works out or not, we’re gonna go biking to some patios and other places with beverages and/or food. Probably should have taken my bike in for a tune-up this week, so I look forward to annoying everyone in town with the sounds clunkity, in-need-of-oiling chain.

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  1. KTA

    If you can, I recommend learning to drive stick on a non-German car. Older Hondas are ideal. A German transmission will be very finicky, and that’s hard when you’re just learning stick, but a Japanese car will be much more forgiving (same with the rare American standard transmissions that are out there).

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