Comfort zones.


A lot of things have happened in the last 24 hours. Here are a few, as compiled while hiding from society and eating Chipotle (with cutlery borrowed from the restaurant downstairs – I AM KLASSY AND AWKWARD).

  1. My 7am flight was cancelled 7.5 hours ahead of its scheduled departure. I was offered a flight that would get me to Chicago at 2:30. I said no, I had a class at 2, is there another option? Yep, a direct flight at 9:11 (eep) that got me in not longer after my original flights would have. (And was, in fact, the flight I had wanted all along, if Expedia hadn’t been charging $80 more for it when I was trying to book.)
  2. As a result, I stayed at the Christmas party for an extra hour, so I got to see some extremely drunk cinema employees do karaoke from a sober position, then I sang ‘Daydream Believer’ (probably actually my least favourite Monkees song). And heckled. And somehow knew all the words to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ (which Sheri performed). WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? (The quiz was fine and, apparently, not ‘easier’, as I had suspected.)
  3. I forgot, again, that the U.S. Departures at Ottawa airport doesn’t have a full Tim Hortons. There was no food service on my flight, so I had to make do with three hours sleep and the energy from a tiny coffee and a banana-nut muffin comprised of very little banana. At least it was ‘free’ because I had a giftcard.
  4. A woman at the airport, who asked me about my knitting (I was too tired to read), was in winter clothes and bedazzled flip flops (bare footed). She was going to Detroit. This confused me immensely.
  5. I’m more into inconvenience than other folks. There really aren’t a lot of fools checking luggage anymore. Baggage claim at O’Hare was deserted at 11:30am and the CTA station (which smelled of PEE! at the airport! Take that, London! Heathrow is probably the least pee-y station on the network!) was pretty empty too.
  6. My room was not only ready at 1pm, but upgraded to a junior suite! So I have two bathrooms, but, oddly, no fridge. What gives? (I am still probably going to head to Trader Joe’s later anyway – I hit the posh grocery across from the Training Centre for heavy items (fruit, beverages), but can’t do much more there.)
  7. My class, being at Second City, does include some improv. Terrifying, but kinda fine – I mean, if I’m awful, I won’t need to see these people again after Friday, right? Also? I am older, by quite a bit, than everyone else in the class, including, possibly, the instructor. Some bros. One other Canadian. One guy who can write a novella in the time it takes me to write a crummy paragraph. Two people who are already working as standups.
  8. There is a bank called Third Fifth (or Fifth Third?). They do not accept my debit or credit cards. Neither do CTA machines. Thanks, Kirk, for saving my hide by giving me some American cash yesterday.
  9. I saw houses of worship, one quite near here, called Fullness Presbyterian and the Moody Church. I find this amusing because it kind of describes me when I’m PMS-y. (I get very Presbyterian.)*
  10. I have homework, which involves make a list of ten, but I won’t be using this.

* One of my favourite anagrams? PRESBYTERIANS = BRITNEY SPEARS

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