#100BM Day 18

The cat only woke me up once last night, and it was to snuggle in my armpit. Progress!

I skimped out on yesterday’s run because I was too achy tired. Regress!

I mean, I ran 5K. Which I couldn’t do a few weeks ago. But it was really, really needlessly hard. I have to run again tomorrow. I am already tired thinking about it.

When it’s finally biking weather, and I am commuting on two wheels every day, I fear that my training program might fall to pieces completely.

But maybe not. Maybe I’ll just get crazy fit and superheroine-y.


In an effort to curb my take-out coffee habit (which, really, is a once a week thing, but still, I have (so many) debts to pay and a trip to Chicago to fund), I’ve started making almond-maple-coconut lattes at home without any specialized equipment. Sounds spendy (and, let’s face it, pretty wanky), but is a pretty nice thing to have mid-morning a couple of times a week.

Nuke some almond milk (half a cup? 3/4s?), a tablespoon of maple syrup, and a teaspoon (or more) of coconut oil for about a minute. Blend with stick blender until tiny steam bubbles dominated the concoction. Pour over strong coffee.

Speaking of good livin’ and saving money, does anyone have recommendations on best bang-for-buck yoga-wise in Ottawa? I haven’t been in over a year, but I think it would make my aching muscles happy to stretch them more effectively once or twice a week. I’m not one for woo-woo stuff or gongs or chanting and shit, I just need someone to tell me how to stretch in a helpful way.

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