Constructive uses of time.


Tomorrow, I may make an attempt at drawing something, just to show the limitations of my talents.

Today, I’m going to start my list of new-to-me films I’ve seen so far this year. I’m not quite as fastidious as one of the ByTownian staffers, who made a goal of 100 films (writing a bit about each) last year, though. OR MAYBE I WILL.

* means I saw it at a cinema

The Great
The Descendants*
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy*

The Good
Super 8
The Guard

The Good/Fun for Genre
Easy A
Scream 4

The Disappointing
Source Code

I might venture out to see Hugo (back in 3D, thank you Oscar boost!) later today (or tomorrow). It’s gonna be an expensive year.

It’s All-Star Weekend in Ottawa and, as I’ve mentioned before, I find it very difficult to give one iota of a poop about hockey. This, with my general ambivalence to Rush, ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’, and poutine, makes me one of the worst Canadians alive. But it seems to me that many of my (few) readers aren’t Canadian and could benefit from listening to one of these not-really-known-outside-Canada musical acts that I’ve been listening to a fair bit this week.

1. The Balconies. Formerly based in Ottawa, I vaguely know them because Jacquie used to be roommates with a Cinematorium employee. I hope they go on to great things because they are fiercely talented and super nice. This track, which I’ve been posting everywhere, finally rid me of that tenacious Bonnie Tyler earworm that plagued me for three days.

2. Renée Yoxon. She interviewed for a job at the cinema in late 2010, but then her music career started taking off in an inconvenient way that made her unavailable for evening shifts. Ah well. Her voice would be wasted on shouting “I can serve the next person in line over here, please! NEXT! NEXT!”

3. Karkwa. I don’t many people who listen to them, even though they won The Polaris Music Prize in 2010. They sing in French. Don’t be scared. They are great. Their fourth album, Les Chemins de verre, is perfect for listening to while walking around on winter’s day (or night). Like today.

5 thoughts on “Constructive uses of time.

  1. Alison

    Renee is so great. It’s fun that we knew her before she was (locally) famous. I really must play that CD this week; it’s so lovely and mellow.

  2. Amanda

    Do see Hugo on 3D! It’s absolutely worth it. I agree with your grading — but I have yet to see Shame and Tinker Tailor.

    Also, go see The Artist. I think I mentioned it before; it’s delightful, and my favorite movie of the year. I liked it even better than The Descendants, which I loved.

    What about A Separation, have you seen it yet? If you like it, then you can explain wtf I missed, because I’m kind of bummed that I was so unimpressed by a film that’s getting such rave reviews…

    • megan

      Oh, I saw The Artist, but I don’t know if we’ve discussed the film itself, or just Jean Dujardin’s handsomeness and Uggie being adorable. 🙂 (I saw it just after Christmas, so it wasn’t on this list.)

      A Separation doesn’t premiere here until February 10. I’m so glad my boss snagged it, though. It’s going to be huge for our crowd. I will report back after I see it.

      Tinker Tailor is one of those things that benefits from being seen in the cinema. Close attention needs to be paid, even when not much is ‘happening’. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING.

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