Cromulent quotidianity.


Holidailies Day #3

Lessons learned today:

  1. A ‘quick trip’ to the gargantuan dollar store in Hintonburg is impossible on a weekend afternoon in December.
  2. Ignoring the news today means that I am very anxious about ever reading the news again, but I already feel that way all the time now, so it was still a good decision.
  3. Our team is forever destined to reluctantly return to the Royal Oak to use up gift certificates we won, only to win more of them.
  4. The main characters on Gilmore Girls were more human, by FAR, in the first season.
  5. On the 87th rewatch, I’m noticing again just how much they endumbened Dean after that arserag Jess showed up. He was clever in the first season! And read books! Not necessarily good ones, but still!
  6. This 723rd go around with this show is probably not absolutely necessary for smithing a One-Day Special for LearnedLeague about the show. (Never mind that I have more of it written, even though it’s five months away, than the Christmas party quiz, which is in two weeks.)
  7. Putting down cedar in the backyard to make a path in the backyard is great in summer, a total arse in the fall, since you can’t rake leaves and pick them up without grabbing all the mulch, too. One of many reasons I’m not in landscaping.
  8. Kanopy is fucking great. Go renew your library card and enjoy. Start with In the Mood for Love.

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