Crop dusting.


(Holidailies Day #20-1)

Missed yesterday completely, so well done me. And today, I only have a few moments in between writing trivia questions for tomorrow’s work Christmas party, so yay.

Here are two facts for the price of, well, nothing:

Mustard is one of the top allergen priorities in Canada, which, what? That seems insane. But it’s there, along with tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, eggs, and other delicious things. Man.

How I learned it:
A Google search after Richard pointed out that ‘Mustard’ was in bold letters in a relish bottle’s ingredient listings. Why he was looking at a relish bottle is beyond me because he things that stuff is basically poison.

YIL 2:
Beavers produce more methane now than they did at the turn of the 20th century.

How I learned it:
Sandi Toksvig mentioned it out of the blue on ‘The News Quiz’. And no, this isn’t a farting thing. Their dams create methane-producing conditions.

Also human farts aren’t stanky/flammable because of methane. And cows cause some greenhouse gas issues because of methane, but mostly through burping rather than farting.

Parp will eat itself.

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