Meant to use this blog as a creative crutch for a bit, but have already forgotten to post one day, so maybe I also need a drill sergeant. They’re artists too, right?

The coffee machine is down at work, Quark was being particularly uncooperative, and I ended up biking home in a thunderstorm. All of these are bad, but I wasn’t particularly bothered by anything. Have I finally become a robot? Or is it just that none of these are big deals? (I am making a giant travel mug of coffee tomorrow AM just in case, though.)

I did, however, go full nuclear yesterday on the pantry moths yesterday when I spotted five (!!) on the ceiling again. I am now reasonably sure they are congregating/breeding in the gap between the cupboards and walls, so I sprayed the shit out of spaces I couldn’t see with some kind of eco-bug killer.

Next step, burning down the damned house.

(Yes, I went through the cupboards again and threw out some suspicious cereal that might have been bug food. I am sick of going through this every couple of months, though.)

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