#100BM Day 29

I am writing this at a bus stop on my way home from watching the first season finale of “Hannibal” (EXCELLENT final scene) at Richard’s place. 

Yes.  The bus.  In June.

I am a big fan of the concept of public transit, but, sometimes often, taking it is a huge downer.

Today, that is not as much the case because salmon have been swimming up the street in strong, oily currents.

I actually just found out third-hand that the cinema flooded tonight. Drains can’t keep up.  The deluge is fading away a bit now, but with 917% humidity, I am still pretty pleased to not be biking home in waterproofs, giving myself an ersatz sauna of sweatsteam while being blinded by steely water and streetlights reflecting in the land of 10000 lakes that is our fair city.

I reserve the right to change my mind when I get stuck at a time stop, sitting next to dude drenched in Axe, eating a shawarma, wearing stinking sandals full of raging, oozing athlete’s foot who decides to be my bus buddy and tell me all about Lowell Green’s show today, though.

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