Current events.


Yesterday, there was an accident in Ottawa. Six people died when a bus went straight through a barrier at a level crossing and into the side of a train. It could have been much worse. It was still fucking awful. My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

I spent part of yesterday sad, but then angry at ‘journalistic’ liberties taken on Twitter (sensationalistic, downright gruesome ‘on the spot’ reporting from someone at the CBC, then some truly antiquated, Fox News-esque bullshit speculation on local talk radio) which made me think that, despite this being a local, important news event, that the 24-hour news cycle is generally not very helpful. Sure, update when there is news of importance, make people aware of information lines and webpages where they can find out about loved ones, but don’t blather to fill air and tweets until that happens.

Also, things like this are a good reminder that if you can give blood, please do. I’m hoping my anaemic tendencies have been conquered again so that I can do so next week.

First day of the festival went OK? I think? I hope we have enough daytime staff. Only found out last night that there are fewer screenings than last year overall, so we might actually get a pile of people for an 11am show. Goody!

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