Dan Rydell.


Not terribly insightful this morning. Slept in after staying up late watching the first, uh, ten episodes of ‘Sports Night’ for the first time since the late 90s. Y’know, back before I wanted to smack Aaron Sorkin upside the head for being repetitive and douchey. It was a good show, even if every character (save Isaac, probably because Robert Guillaume is the best) is an extremely talky over-educated liberal who has something about which to preach (to the choir), all with similar verbal patterns and pacing.

Also, are there no douchebags in sports journalism? Because I refuse to believe that.

(FYI: I haven’t watched ‘The Newsroom’ yet. I’m finding it hard to give a damn about it. I lost interest in ‘The West Wing’ very early on too, against all trends, but will give it another shot some day. The Social Network is overrated.)

My late-90s crush on Josh Charles is now back. Maybe I need to (finally) start watching ‘The Good Wife’.

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