Dealing with luteality.


Discussing lady troubles is, well, troubling to some, but can we talk about what a fucking disaster I am when PMS strikes hard?

I missed dragonboat practice because I got into a zen state while gardening and lost track of time.

My jeans are all bit-and-butt crushing because of bloat. (Bloating at a time when one is particularly irrational and invulnerable is just really fucking unfair).

And, to top it off, I have literally been looking at the wrong Wednesday of the calendar since Sunday. I am at work at 7:30am because of a rental. Except there is no rental today. It is on a different Wednesday. I swear, I need a babysitter for at least a couple of days a month.

The bright side is that it means I’m out of here at 3:30pm. But red-faced with shame over my own idiocy.

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