Defending casting Sofia.


One of the many roles that I fill in my #glamorousshowbizlife, y’know, aside from generating box office reports, selling and/or ripping tickets, doing film research and layout-y things, tweeting nonsense and movie info, buying my weight in chocolate, answering asinine questions, and ordering toilet paper, is filling in showtimes on the cinema’s website. There’s a space in our CMS for a tagline for each film. Which is fine. Most movies have a studio-made tagline, or some kind of giant pile of award nominations that we can list there, but sometimes I’ve just got nothing.

Knight of Cups might very well get a madey-uppy one, though. ‘From the director of The Tree of Life. And it’s *probably* not nearly as disappointing as To the Wonder.’

I got about three hours of sleep last night. They can’t all be gold.

Today in fun facts: Even though I made a joke last week about making this very mistake, Terrence Malick’s name is spelled incorrectly in the just-published cinema program. Go team!

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