Defending the universe.


At the risk of sounding slightly...anti-feminist? Doormat-y? But if you aren't a gamer, I'd like to recommend that sometimes you watch your guy friends (or girl friends, if you know girl gamers) play video games on occasion. Well, at least once.

I play video games, but not many of the perplexing, raaaaah shooting things ones that can be played multiplayer online or anything. They fascinate and confuse the hell out of me. But last night, I was hanging out at Richard's, fully aware that it was 'nerd night' (satellite style, as the two nerds he was playing with were at their homes). I was reading and hanging out and listening to a one-sided conversation (I heard the words 'chunky turtles' about 987 times) for a while, then I just stopped reading to watch because the game is actually really good and cinematic and action-packed. Oh, and ridiculous and hilarious. But I started to think "Hey, I could play this". One of the other nerds, knowing I was watching, said "Hey, Megan should play this with us."

They were playing Mass Effect 3. But do I want to? I'm not sure. It looks really fun, if extremely violent.* The idea of trying to send Banshees through wormholes is kind of amazing. But I'd have to start from square one, because I have no idea what they are doing on screen. I mean, I can see them reloading. I can see them reviving fallen comrades. I can see the Krogans throwing people around and laughing heartily, but that's a lot of buttons and hand-eye coordination I'm worried I don't have. Very worried. I even find some straight-up platformers tricky sometimes because getting left+jump+fire at the same time is too much for my clumsy fingers. A first-person shooter is just...insane, intimidating, nigh on impossible.

But I really want to kick some virtual ass. The Reapers fucking deserve it.

If I were to get into it, it would take a really long time to get up to an even halfway decent level, by which time the nerds would probably have moved on to another level, or found a different, more quick-learning nerd to play with them in the meantime. Still, I might try the game at least to see just how bad/good I can be. Reading and the outdoors are overrated.**

* I won't get into the 'no! violence is bad!' argument here - we're talking about securing the safety of the galaxy. Or galaxies. I've not actually played the game.
** Not actually. I'm cutting this lameoid entry short so I can go enjoy both while I finish my coffee.

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  1. Millamant

    I can’t speak to 3, but I just played through 1 and 2 for the first time this summer–and they were my first shooters ever. Definite learning curve, but I loved them, especially playing FemShep. (I’m going back through with BroShep now, and he’s not nearly as interesting. The power of voice actors!)

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