Delicious brains.


Bit of writer’s block today, and not even in a Brian K. Vaughan ‘There’s no such thing, only new video games’ way. I started the weekend elated to have some time to myself, but then it turned into too much time. Then I started to get that weird lonely, empty homesick feeling while sitting on my couch watching ‘Breaking Bad’.

Had a dream wherein I went to a very complicated restaurant (located adjacent the Metro near the Wellington-into-Richmond transition), where you got a number/barcode when you made a reservation, but they didn’t what night they could let you in, so you’d show up, they’d scan your number, and then either let you or not.

Inside, it looked not entirely unlike the old snack shack ‘cafeterias’ at Camp Forture, with beaten up picnic tables and fluorescent light. The unbound menu was made up of 26 pages of parchment that were not lying in a jumble, unordered, on the table. So, basically, you spent the entire pre-dining experience in a state of slight panic. I don’t even remember the (dream) food.

My mum was there, as she often is in dreamland, but she was leaving the restaurant as I arrived (alone – ugh, drill home the message why doncha, subconscious?), so we only got to say ‘hallo’. This happens a lot in my dreams. It makes me feel a bit sad when I wake up, but it’s always good to see her.

However, I’m really in a state of being too tired to face things alone right now. Got a bit of (happy) news yesterday about some friends of mine that reminded me that I don’t know how to undo my years of automotonness. I know it’s trendy to (often mistakenly) self-diagnose, well, everything from coelic disease to depression, but every time I read an article like this, or, hell, watch ‘Sherlock’, a ton of boxes are ticked. Am I being paranoid? Or just mistakenly self-diagnosing paranoia now?

Anyway, after I’ve digested my breakfast a bit, I’m going to try to go for my first run of the year, even though it’s -10C right now and snow is expected. I know my brain chemistry (and frequently my mood) is greatly improved by getting my arse moving and I guess yesterday’s brief foray out of the house to buy myself a giant latte wasn’t enough.

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