#100BM Day 77 again because I forgot how to count,

The 100 Days of Benign Mundanity hashtag, which, thus far, I am the only one using, started as a bit of a joke, because I am not good at forcing joy in that specific meme way, and life is more balanced, with lows and highs, all the time, and that’s just dandy.

I am going to toss that out the window for brief moment, though, because I met someone whose work I have literally admired for 33 years, from the days when he was writing for ‘Doctor Snuggles’, for the funny and terrifying Spitting Image phenomenon, the Hitchhikers’ Guide radio series, Blackadder, and, perhaps most especially, ‘QI’.

Yep, I met John Lloyd. He is the first famous person who I have asked for a photo. He gave me a hug because he realised that I was a benign nutter of a fan.

Look how fucking happy I am.


I am teary and giddy just thinking about it, even though it was only an hour ago. I do regret not asking him how to get a job with him, but he was expected on the radio and had to leave.

And as I got caught in my first torrential downfall of the Festival almost immediately afterwards, I am hiding and drying in a Starbucks, drinking disappointing coffee.


(Not sure why cropping out the bag and jacket ruining the shot are in the uploaded version. I shall blame Starbucks for that as well, rather than my own crapulence.)

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