Desperate measures.


Lead head, reporting for duty. I *may* be too tired/sick to whine…okay, not yet, but soon, I’m sure. The hot water for tea-making is down two flights of stairs, which might as well be Mars right now. Cancelled dinner plans to hide under blankets with whisky (after I blow some germs outta here with some crockpot chili, of course).

But I’m tired of my own illness, so moving on to more important things…

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, World Trivia Night is coming up in November. My team is trying to raise $1000.

So far, we have $230.*

Oh dear.

I know donor fatigue is a Real Thing, ’cause I’ve got it,  so I’m sure several of my few (is that possible?) readers are eye-rolling at the thought of Yet Another pressure tactic, but seriously, really, truly, this is for a wicked good cause that might not be getting as much attention as some ‘trendier’ ones out there.

As Paul Paquet, the trivia guru who writes the questions for this thing, told me: ‘It’s for kids stuck in the foster care system. You have no idea what many of them have been through.’

Well, I have some, but a lot of it ain’t good, and is virtually beyond the comprehension of anyone who hasn’t been in the system. Here are some bits of information:

If guilt and information aren’t enough, how about a hat? Donate more than $60 and I’ll knit you one. Here’s the one I made for Grouchy Phil.

* Only $170 is showing on the website, because another $60 is in my desk.

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