Die Traumdeutung.


Working on a secret birthday crafty project today, one that involves silkscreening. I haven’t done this in at least two years, so I imagine I will be tearing my hair out by nightfall.

Also, huge outlay in buying new emulsion and transparencies. Will have figure out how to make awesome things to sell to pay this stuff off.

Of course, right now I can’t even get my head to think beyond ‘qu’est-ce que le breakfast’, so money-making schemes might have to wait.

I had a dream last night about the quizzing championships. For some reason, I had to duck out partway through to pick something? someone? up, but couldn’t find the venue again for a long time. Someone quite like my friend’s sister, but more Bronxy and far less MEC, was trying to find the place too.

We eventually tracked it down, in a nail salon/tearoom. Paul was sitting at a wee table with two other people, looking very annoyed. He told me that the second half was about to start, but that, even though I hadn’t finished Part One of the quiz, I was in a tie for first place.

I was lead through to an adjacent meeting hall/conference room wig dozens of tables and hundreds of people who were glaring. Part Two papers were handed out. Except I didn’t get a full one, just the list of instructions. I asked the room at large for help and a copy of the questions appeared – or so I thought. It was a package of papers, containing maps, notes from an editing course I once took (from which I obviously learned nothing), and notifications about changes to Hydro rates.

So, classic unprepared panic dream, right? Because, oh yeah, part (and only part of the reason – the part that wasn’t bothering me as much as whatever I’ve forgotten now) I had left early was because I’d forgotten to wear trousers.

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