#100BM Day 16

For the last few publishing cycles, I’ve tried to make a point of not taking work home, with general success. Taking work home is a bit depressing, even if it was only semi-required for a couple of weeks out of every two months. Of course, staying in the office for 11 hours straight, only seeing the light of day through a window, is also depressing, but being able to get the fuck out and be entirely free of work, even if only for 8 hours, is excellent motivation to stay put and work faster.

Also, there’s that whole work/life balance thing, that I’m generally able to maintain. If by ‘life’, you mean ‘fucking about on the internet’ and ‘knitting things while watching old episodes of QI’.

Anyway, because I’ve been unwell for a few days (feeling a bit better this morning, though I’m still apparently incapable of getting more than about an hour of sleep at a time), I have been working really fucking slowly, am more distracted than ever, and generally just not very good at my job.

Which is great when one is thinking about picking up a freelance contract (but how?) to help offset vacation costs this summer.

But, once I got to 7:45 last night, I was running late for an important event*, and still had a stack of stuff to proofread. The boss had gone home hours before (he’s been there in the early morning to meet the roofers for the last week). I decided that I should take work home, since rushing wasn’t going to make my shit work any better.

Turns out, proofreading movie reviews I’m thoroughly sick of looking at is much easier when done at my patio table, with white noise of nearby traffic, better-than-at-work coffee and oatmeal nearby. Any moron (who isn’t me) probably could have told me this.

Of course, yesterday was an anomaly, in that normally I hand over my work to my boss at the end of the work day so that he can do his proofreading (yes, our programme is put together by two people, each of whom read everything at least twice, but usually three or four times) over breakfast. Most of my job is less easy to do from home due to software complications (my boss still uses QUARK for cryin’ out loud, which doesn’t play well with imports from Open Office). Feh.

But I’ve enjoyed this wee opportunity. Maybe I’ll start doing my more serious trivia training outside, so that I can make it back into the top 10% next year.

Boring even myself, but I had another election dream last night: An old MPP for Ottawa Centre somehow libelled the cinema (which isn’t even in that riding) and all the staff got a check for $125 as compensation.

IF ONLY. I could do with a bit of libel cash.

*Meeting a friend, going to the dollar store to buy shower caps (they make excellent bike saddle covers when you have to park outside on a potentially rainy day), then eating bland food on a patio.

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