I’ve woken up with a wicked sore throat. If this turns into a full-blown cold, it’ll be my third this winter. Possibly a record. I’m not impressed, immune system, not impressed at all.

Also not impressive is just how spacey I’ve been for the last couple of days. In addition to forgetting to forgetting to bring my wallet to pub quiz on Sunday, I also haven’t been able to concentrate on any reading (I miss you, fiction!), and have been carrying around a giant paid out receipt/cheque stub combo in my wallet since Friday. Our bookkeeper is in this morning, so she’s gonna be annoyed that there’s a cheque missing.

Speaking of paid outs, I didn’t follow up with the sign guys on delivery of some marquee letters (which was supposed to be yesterday, but never arrived), and haven’t ordered more de-icer, or, y’know, written up any of my lists that would help me remember those things. BTW, this isn’t PMS-related. For once.

I also lost my shit at a bank teller, ironically on the day I read about You’re Doing It Right. The bank insists on businesses ‘ordering’ change before coming in. About 75% of the time, even if I call in this order and come in hours later, they haven’t even started putting it together. Yesterday, I was flat-out lied to about it. “Oh, we just got that in!” No you bloody didn’t. I called at 11:30am and spoke to a person. She asked when I would pick it up. I told her I’d be in ASAP after 2:30pm. I didn’t make it in until 3:30, which, okay, was later than planned (Mondays are hideous for being able to nip out to the bank, another reason why I finally reached boiling point) and you kept me waiting 10 minutes while you were joking around with the other employees, including the one putting the order together? GAH.

I didn’t raise my voice, but I did ask ‘what’s the point?’ and say ‘it’s a waste of my time’ about eight times. It was cathartic, but seeing as I get to deal with bitchy customers from time to time (usually the seriously annoying ones too, since I get the ‘could I speak to your manager?’ people who are angry/crazy enough to follow up the day after a movie was too loud, the popcorn wasn’t hot enough, etc.), I feel a bit guilty. But only a bit.

But I’m not going to wallow, at least not today. Instead, I will go in early, since I set my alarm for a gym visit I don’t feel up to (especially now that the coughing has started again), and, for now, enjoy my peanut butter toast and about fifteen minutes more in my stunning track pants/woolly slipper combination before I have to go (pretend to) be a functional adult.

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