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Did you know that the city can just, like, stop by and say ‘hey guys, we’re turning off your water for eight hours in about five minutes, ‘kay?’

Apparently they can. Hopefully, it will be back on by the time I have to brush my teeth.

(I stopped on the way home to buy a big bottle of water. I don’t ever buy bottled water. It was nearly impossible to choose between repackaged tapwater with a shady multinational behind it, or the potentially questionably sourced spring water for a dollar more. I’m an overthinking arse. And I went with the cheaper option.)

At the end of my work day, I watched a funny-yet-tragic Icelandic movie, as one does. I enjoyed it, even though it made me break my own rule about watching cry-y movies at work. Remind me not to be reincarnated as an Icelandic sheep, though. They have to run fast, even in blizzards, which is no fun at all.

To add insult to injury to a seemingly randomised blog post, make these muffins. The lady knows what she’s doing. (I have eaten so many today. So many.)

Today in Gilmore: Mitchum Huntsberger is running for president. He won’t publicly denounce former Klan leaders either.

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