Disposable spittoons.


Dear Fellow Commuters,

I am writing to apologise for picking a stupid time (mid-icy rain after a full day of snowing) (during actual rush hour, instead of my usual just-after-everyone-else-goes-home time) (on a day when I had my gym bag with me) to decide to pick up a bucket of road salt before getting on the bus. And for stumbling when I got on the bus. And accidentally cutting off a woman with a stroller. And for taking up 1.25 seats. And for dropping my water bottle, startling the hell out of at least a half-dozen people. And for failing to figure out how to disembark without blocking three people, coming from two different directions, from getting my recently vacated seat.

As it happened, we had a full bucket of salt at home already, so your irritation, and my embarrassment, turned out to be utterly pointless.

Stay safe stay dry, y’all.

Yours truly,

That Idiot Salt Bucket Lady

Today in Gilmore: Could we somehow get a Palladinoverse link to ‘Affair’ via Julia Goldani Telles (who was on ‘Bunheads’) so we can get some Joshua Jackson action in Stars Hollow?

Speaking of Action Jackson, how about some Carl Weathers? Then link it back to ‘Arrested Development’, so the Gilmore Guys’ dream of a Lucille Bluth/Emily Gilmore friendship can really come to life?

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