Holidailies #2.

I watched a classic film I’d not seen before and was going to write today’s entry about it, and fun facts about its stars, etc., but I’m sure TCM has that beyond covered. Also, some of the stuff is so rad that I w ant to us it in the annual cinema Christmas quiz instead and because at least one, maybe two people who will be there read this, it may be best to skip that.

So now it’s 10:30 and I’ve got nothing, but will express my delight that, after a trying week, and a more difficult than usual month, I had the luxury of not having a lot to do today. I picked up some knitting for the first time in more than a month (yeah, Christmas presents? Might be delayed or half-finished or something else), watched some comfort tv (and the aforementioned movie), finally wrote up some trivia (including the aforementioned quiz), and got slept on by my cat.

Said cat spent a chunk of this year hanging out in the backyard on a leash, but since it’s been chillier/rainier/occasionally snowier, I’ve kept her inside. At first, she was whiny. Now, she’s just very busy and a bit bored, and is taking it out on weather stripping and her water dish, which she is REALLY SUPER FUN to push around and knock over.

After a couple of bad nights of hearing mugs being dragged around until they splooshed while I was trying to sleep, I came up with a solution; a pyrex baking dish, stable enough to not be knocked over, heavy enough not to be dragged around by a small cat.

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My optimism lasted about three hours. She tried dragging the tray, with some success, so she could make a puddle of (apparently more delicious?) water to drink from instead.

Next step, rubberized shelf lining stuff + pyrex baking dish vs. small cat. Will I get woken by a crash and tiny tsunami? Stay tuned.

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