Doc Martin.


Very few original thoughts in my head this morning. Example: The weather’s so great that it’s depressing to think I have to go to work today.

Did have a dream that involved being in a detective agency with Muppets, animatronic creatures, and Martin Clunes, though. I rode around on a wooden thing that looked like a Segway. It was confiscated by a witchy woman who ran the canteen in the grubby stone building where the agency was. To win it back, I had to play a game where I had to throw/roll a red ball (like boules, but, y’know, red), then try to bounce pompoms off that ball to whack my friends (who were lined up against a wall at the back). It was fucking difficult, let me tell you, especially with lead dream arms. I also remember having to throw out some fermented spirulina concoction because the mold on it was the wrong shade of blue.

At one point, Mr Clunes leapt out of a window and onto the sidewalk/pavement in order to avoid talking to everyone. Impressively, he didn’t do a wanky three-point landing. Very nicely done.

I then woke up, explained some of this to friends in a secondary dream (they didn’t understand the wooden Segway), then woke up for real.

Anyone have kettle recommendations? Ours is kaput – bent prongs and melted bits mean it either won’t turn on (or stay on, depending on its mood?). It had a good run, but will be missed.

4 thoughts on “Doc Martin.

  1. Katy

    Bodum makes a larger-than-average electric kettle that, in my experience, will work fine for three or four years before something goes wrong with the prongs, the element, or the base. The large size is great, though, because you can boil almost enough water for pasta in it. Our current electric kettle is something that cost about $20 at Target. It does the job, but I still miss the big Bodum. Sigh.

  2. Mike Nichols

    I’ve had good luck with Bodum. In my office at work, I’ve got a Hamilton Beach (Model 40870E) which has been very reliable. We also have one from the asian market that works as a nightlight. It’s pretty decent, however I have no idea of what the brand is since it’s all in Korean.

  3. megan

    I will investigate Bodums, most definitely. This one’s a Hamilton Beach (not sure of model #) and lasted 10 years, so I wouldn’t mind going with them again, assuming the quality hasn’t changed much.

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