Doggy dog worlds.


So far, the least believable thing about ‘The West Wing’ is not the lefties getting what they want most of the time, nor the staff working for 20 hours a day and still managing to walk at my half-marathon pace while talking constitutional law, nor Timothy Busfield EVER being good enough for Allison Janney, but how many people who allegedly work IN COMMUNICATIONS at the freakin’ White House say ‘I could care less‘ instead ‘I couldn’t care less’. So many smart people working on this show and NO ONE had the brains or cojones to tell Sorkin that the phrase NO FUCKING SENSE and/or refuse to say a line with it. The ability to care less is not significant conversationally/dramatically/whateverly.

Language evolves, yadda yadda, but a man in Leo’s position would never say it. A woman in C.J.’s position would never say it. I AM 16 YEARS TOO LATE IN MY COMPLAINTS AND EXTREMELY IRRITATED.

Also, if you haven’t watched this yet, please do.

Incidentally, I only watched a few episodes of this show when it initially aired and got hella pissed off then too because someone referred to the non-existent Vermont-Ontario border. I may have a problem, apparently holding up a dramatic network show to the same standards as the actual White House.

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