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#100BM Day 58

In the words of R’s francophone aunt, is this can be? Alberta’s NOT voting in a Conservative government for the first time in five decades? Should I be buying a lottery ticket?!

In other news, I have a new computer at work, one that takes about two minutes to send its signals to our main printer. I’m not sure if it’s Yosemite Sam not wanting to talk to a seven-year-old Xerox (for which I have drivers) or our shitty WiFi (though said computer can telepathically communicate with the other printer, for which it does not have up-to-date drivers) . Regardless, it is a small annoying thing about a Big Shiny New Toy.

Next up, learning some shit about layout. I hope I manage to get more than three hours sleep tonight so I can absorb any kind of new information. Woo!

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