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I’m not a big gambler anymore. Sure, if the Lotto Max jackpot is huge, I will buy a ticket. I used to play online poker sometimes, for better or worse (mostly definitely worse, until I instituted a ‘no more than a $50 deposit every six months’ rule – $50 for hours of frustrating entertainment is fine – and I’ve had about $6 left in my account for a year and a half). I have bought Hospital lottery tickets (and won an excellent stick blender and a $50 Esso gift card a few years ago, so I spent $200 to get $120 worth of items).

These days, though? My biggest gamble comes at this time of year: Whether to buy a bus pass for March, or just put money onto my Presto card and hope biking weather comes sooner rather than later. A bus pass in Ottawa costs more than $100. It could be full spring by the end of next week. It could still be snowing hard in April. I have until Tuesday to decide and I have no idea which way I’m leaning.

I am super fed up about buses, though, which might swing things bikeward. Not only does it take ages to get anywhere, but it’s like people have forgotten how to behave around other people. Every trip involves one, some, or all of these things:

  1. A half-dozen people standing instead of sitting in one/some of the multiple vacant seats, but blocking the route of any new passengers who might want those seats.
  2. Someone standing in the doorway instead of taking a vacant seat, preventing anyone from leaving the bus easily.
  3. Someone not paying attention and nearly missing their stop, shoving people out of the way, then yelling at the driver that they need to get off the bus.
  4. Someone sneaking in the backdoor of a non-bendy bus and getting busted for non-payment by the driver, who refuses to move on until dude gets off the bus or pays up.
  5. One, or twenty, people who haven’t washed their winter coats/hats/scarves all winter, creating an eye-watering funk.
  6. An invisible bus, which is scheduled, shows up on a transit app GPS, then vanishes into thin air.

Ugh, fuck it. Money on the Presto card it is. I’ll fucking walk once my credits run out if it’s still too snowy to bike.

Today in weird vegan food: I invested in weird salt for the first time in my life because of recommendations for a way to make tofu scramble/faux egg salad, well, eggier. I put some on my pasta tonight, just to see what it would do. It is indeed deliciously sulfury. I love and often crave sulfur. $8 well spent.

Today in Gilmore: Stars Hollow only exists in Taylor’s head, an outsider art, Henry Darger/Vivian Girls-type situation, but only slightly (SLIGHTLY) less sad, and involving building dioramas by hand, component by component, from things he finds in the Montana wilderness where he lives, rather than watercolours pasted in phone books.

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