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#100BM Day 05

I accidentally fell asleep for about an hour and a half this afternoon. I was at a friend’s place post-brunch and asked if I could lie down for a few minutes because I was feeling a bit unwell. Ended up so soundly asleep that they forgot I was there.

I’m wondering if I’ve drifted back to the low-iron thing again after a few weeks of sporadic supplement-taking; there is no way I should be sleeping so much and still needing more zZZZzZs. Normally, though, when I’m getting anaemic-adjacent, my sleep is awful, sporadic, and/or not at all forthcoming, though, whereas now I could sleep nine hours and still be tired by 1pm. It’s getting ridiculous and very inconvenient.

Even now, I am struggling to remain seated upright even though I was going to watch something at 10pm. Lame.

Hamish has a new plaything. Unfortunately, it’s a mouse that he’s caught twice and then let go because he didn’t actually want to eat it and got tired of carrying it around. Blech.

I have tried to catch it myself, but the feckin’ feline unsuccessfully tries to ‘help’ as I move furniture around, so I try to shoo him away. By the time I’ve shut him out of the room, the wee creature has vanished. Hoping against hope that it too wee to climb stairs.

It’s cute, too, and different from the pests we’ve had in past season-changes, very small and dark grey with big ears instead of brown with teeny ones.

Still don’t want it in the house though. But don’t want the cat to kill it either. Especially since he likes to gift me with the dead ones. Superblech.

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