Spent last night watching ridiculous.summer blockbusters that I missed in theatres, which reminds me that I haven’t updated my Movies page in months. I wonder if I will remember even half the titles I saw at this point.

The Avengers was fun, as expected, and The Hunger Games was kind of a mess, also as expected. I watched the latter with my younger brother; his attitude throughout was ‘Why is this so popular? It makes no sense. They’re still mining COAL? WTF!?’, etc. He’s not wrong. I felt these things while reading the books, but devoured them anyway.

I still love Jennifer Lawrence, though.

Finally getting back on track with putting most of my lunch stuff together on the weekend as a money-saving measure. Well, that and so I don’t make do with junk (both in nutritional and actual tastiness measures – take out options near work are pretty pathetic). So, today I am making what I call Rooty Soup, some black bean burrito filling, mini-frittatas, and quinoa pilaf/salad that can be served hot or cold.

But first, I have to get out from under the blankets (and cat) and buy some leeks. It is chilly and damp, so this has taken hours (two episodes of ‘The Wire”s worth) of self up-psyching.

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