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Yesterday, I didn’t ask if the (non-MontrĂ©al-style) bagel my veggie sandwich came on had egg in it. I’m a bad temporary vegan.

It has been brutally cold this weekend, so we’ve been maximising our time not being outside this weekend. Instead of our usual-for-when-J-is-in-town long walk or bike ride downtown, we took her car. Her car which then had a wee hissyfit later, only to seemingly recover during pub quiz somehow? She is taking it to her mechanic this week anyway, but fingers crossed that it powers through her long drive home today.

Also, whenever it is really cold for a few days (or, like last winter, a month), I think about how easy things are compared to, say, Oymyakon in Russia, where temperatures have reached -67C before, and it’s never warmer than freezing from October through May. However, today I learned that not only are there other contenders for coldest inhabited place, but one of them, Verkhoyansk, recently had a problem with ‘superwolves’.

Because a windchill of -70C isn’t enough to keep one inside, of course.

Today in Gilmore Girls theories: After having three children while making her way through medical school, Paris and Doyle are now devoting their time to homeschooling them through a system they have developed, and now license out (making them (even more) hugely wealthy), with the goal of having them all in Ivy League schools before they hit puberty.

So far, their eldest, Portia (age 7) has only been accepted to UMass’s Communications program, a huge blow to the family’s educational empire, but they have high hopes for Eustace (age 5), who is already auditing online courses at MIT. Nelson (age 2) recently built a geodesic out of Duplo and has nearly mastered the Hebrew and Korean alphabets, but isn’t quite potty-trained yet.

All three children have already contributed to the Boston Zagat guide.

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