Dream women.


Forced myself to sleep in a bit, because I’m still in a frustrating ‘not quite ill’ space. The fun in that is that weird forced REM sleep you get from waking/sleeping/waking/sleeping.

I just had a really elaborate dream in a very fancy Ottawa where the Elgin Cinema (now a Harvey’s) was still a theatre, but also a movie-themed bookstore. (And, oddly, called the Somerset, which was another cinema in town, demolished to make an extension to a grocery store and a few apartments.)

The person I knew who worked there stopped me as I was walking by to confide in me that she’d been having an affair with either Judd Apatow or JJ Abrams (she just knew him as ‘Jesse’) whenever he was in town (in Ottawa…huh).

I got angry, especially after she also explained that she’d been posting about it on 4chan for weeks. She accused me of slut-shaming. I was more concerned about her breaking up her own engagement, at least one marriage involving kids (WHO IS JESSE), and then courting the media (even if it was only 4chan). She seemed unconcerned.

Huh. I guess the dream heart wants what it wants: To get laid, be harassed by nerds, and encourage TMZ to come to the capital.

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