Earworm infestations.


Noticed that I had a buncha new comments/page views this morning. Kommandant Rebozo zum Wasserblüpt, Willkommen!

Went to Euchre for the first time in eons last night. Unfortunately, it’s been chilly and rainy, so we couldn’t squeeze in one last patio play. I mentioned to the group how I looked up ‘The Wonder Twins’ yesterday, because Jackie mentioned them and I didn’t remember anything about them aside from a mention on ‘Family Guy’, and Kirk and Paul started going on about all the other super trippy kids’ shows in the 70s, only some of which I remember. The LSD era of tv-making was the best.

And since I fell into a YouTube vortex this morning and need to get out of the house and into work, here are some examples.

Why aren’t they using their powers for something useful? The Wonder Twins are morons.

I would have LOVED this show.

Electric toothbrushes should definitely still be on wheels.

Mike Myers did a very poor homage to this on SNL that Americans probably didn’t understand at all. I am delighted that TVO still plays it now and again, though.

And a classic. Just ’cause. Reminds me of our family’s first road trip to Florida where we brought a tape deck and listened to the Muppets so much that my mother and older brother were ready to trample the tape by the time we hit North Carolina. (Hey, at least it wasn’t as irritating as the Mr Dress-Up one, right?)

One thought on “Earworm infestations.

  1. John

    I learned how to play euchre during lunch in high school. Use to play it every day w/o fail all the way through college. Lots of fun! I remember watching Mr.Dress-Up and Simon all the time…good times 🙂

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