Ed Wood.


The morning after Euchre is always a challenge, even if I am almost invariably the Square who leaves early AND the person who drinks the least, by far.

However, it’s always an interesting and fun evening, so it’s worh the lack of sleep.

Kirk, who showed up hella late because he’d gone to his hometown for the weekend and kinda underestimated how long it would take to get back (we had a sub come in – hi Gen!), did tell us something about said hometown that might explain some things about him.

Now, he’s told us some strange things in the past, like how ‘all the kids’ knew not to go to the feed store, because (one of) the pedophile(s) worked there (the other had his house burned down by an angry mob), and that there was a family just outside town who might have been the basis for the ‘Home’ episode of X-Files.

But last night, he actually told us that a large meteorite had fallen on he outskirts of town in the late 1940s or early 50s and that the area around the landing site was cordoned off by he miltary and ‘guys in white suits’. Kirk’s uncle and some other kids were shooed away and told the children the place was dangerous.

‘But we’ve already been playing here for a week!’

He didn’t tell this as a joke, mind. He thinks it’s true. And if anyone I know has been tainted by extra-terrestrial DNA, it’s Kirk.

And Kirk compares nearby Havelock to the Tommyknockers. Sheesh.

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