(Holidailies #7)

Trivia stuff yesterday went fine, by which I was only moderately humiliated by my scores, but came in second in our little cohort. I set my brain to ‘British’ for the second, longer quiz, which helped a lot because ‘Mills & Boon’ and some other references aren’t terribly known here.

My weekend of Christmas prep has resulted in a fat lot of nothing. I have to compile a quiz myself for the cinema’s Christmas party next Sunday. Of five rounds, I have one conceptualised, but not even written down or researched. Between that and the not-baking, so far, I’m a smidge behind.

My subconscious self is extremely aware of this, given that I’ve been wearing my teeth to stumps and have had an on-and-off for days tension headache. Last night’s anxiety dreams included being gifted with four kittens for Christmas who kept disappearing in wrapping paper and other strewn detritus about my house.

So I’m not only anxious, but incredibly obvious.

I should really take this afternoon to get up to speed, but instead I have to spend a few hours doing work on the cinema programme. Maybe I will make up some cookie dough late tonight to chill overnight and bake tomorrow.

Which I intended to do last night, until it suddenly became, like, really important to rewatch Prisoner of Azkaban and eat my weight in dilly colcannon. Priorities.

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