Egos and icons.


Yesterday* was nearly a record-breaking entry numbers-wise, but Benedict Cumberbatch had it beat (barely). I did get a referrer who searched Google for ‘fuck you komen foundation’, though, so I’d call that a win.

Yes, I check my stats every day. Sometimes more than once a day.

Yes, this is because my ego needs feeding, and delicious brains aren’t as available as it would like.

I can’t help it. I’m human, I’m single, and I crave/need attention sometimes, despite my tendency towards reclusiveness. I think most people like to be in a spotlight. Maybe not in Bridezilla way, or even a karaoke way, but people like acknowledgement that they are doing something that others appreciate or respect, even if they don’t agree with it. It’s not humble, but who the hell do you know who is humble all the time? (Unless, perhaps, you met Mother Teresa at some point.)

As I mention rather often, I’m a firm believer in the fallibility of humans. We all kinda suck in our way, but we are also adept at sucking it up and getting on with things. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be here. Do you think that the first attempts at making iron implements were successful ? I’m sure Ogg the Clever had an uncle named Ipp the Average who burned off all his body hair and lost a few fingers in an early smelting accident.

I do worry quite a lot that we aren’t learning lessons from our past mistakes as quickly as maybe we should. I mean, this country’s electoral system, for example, got us a Prime Minister with a majority in the House Commons, even though he only got 40% of the vote. That ain’t right. But no one seems to give a shit enough to change it. Or even come up with a system logical enough to change to. And now we’re stuck with a Minister of Citizenship whose staff makes up shit for a right-wing, unpopular tv station. And won with 76% of the vote in his riding, a riding where voter turn-out was only 60%, probably because non-Conservative Albertans have just given up on voting? (PM’s numbers in his constituency were nearly identical.)

If our system is confusing and frustrating, it’s nothing compared to the utter bafflement of the U.S. Presidental campaign system causes. Newt Gingrich may have lost in Florida, but how was such a man/hypocrite even a contender in the first place? And how is a squillionaire, who may have ‘misspoke’, but is still clearly clueless and doesn’t know a damned thing about how actual poor people live now the front-runner for the GOP ticket? Is there any country where leading politicians centre-to-right politicians aren’t assholes, robots, and idiots? (No, U.K., you don’t qualify either.)

On a less political note (I really shouldn’t get into politics here, anyway – this is supposed to be a happy, fluffy blog of whimsy!), the Kardashians are very popular. That is a mistake, full stop. People should need to do things, actual things, to be worthy of the attention these overpaid, empty, spray-tanned shells garner.

So feed your egos differently: Do something good or helpful today. Say please and thank you to your barista. Refill the printer tray at work, even if it means wrestling a new ream (heh) out of its confounding paper wrapper. Take your dog around the block an extra lap. Go to Moldova. You might not win the presidency or show up on the cover of People magazine, but fuck that. You were a little less of a dick today and let the good side of humanity out for a bit longer than usual.

Unless, of course, you’re one of those sunshiney, always ‘up’, totally gregarious people that I hate. You can just shut up.

*By yesterday, I mean, like, an hour ago, as I’m writing this the night before. That’s why the rantiness is high and the cohesiveness low. I really shouldn’t have coffee after 7:30pm, man, because I’m OLD.

Speaking of reaching out to your fellow man/woman, I’m not generally a huge Bloomberg fan, but I hope ‘Politics has no place in health care‘ ends up with Trudeau’s ‘There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation‘ in some kind of official list of the best political quotes/ideologies of the last 50 years. Also, he’s matching donations to Planned Parenthood’s breast health programs right now. That’s pretty rad, eh?

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