No time for proper writing and whimsy this morning, but Paul Paquet, of the Ottawa Trivia League and other geniusy pursuits, reminded me this morning that it’s Organ Donation Awareness Day today. Are you a donor? Why the heck not? As grim as it might be to think about it, please be realistic; lots of bits of you are useful to others after you’re done with them.

Only 1/4 of Ontarian adults are registered to be organ donors. It only takes two minutes to register, so do it, yeah?

Not in Ontario? Here are links for other places my limited readership seem to live:

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  1. Erica


    Also: If anyone has read Stiff, just assume that the entire medical world is as kind, respectful, and gentle with donor bodies as they were to the donors at the end of the book. I’ve read too much about how dead bodies are handled, and I’d MUCH rather leave my bits and pieces to people who’ll treat them with gratitude and dignity.

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