Election promises.


Spending most of Family Day with my best (human) friend, going to work (with cupcakes for the staff – I had a craving last night, but do not need the remaining nine of them) to see Pink Ribbons, going to ‘my’ bar (twice, likely), and playing Euchre with subs (Paul and Kirk are on another bromantic vacation to Cuba). Sounds pretty ideal, no? If it weren’t for the fact that my breakfast burrito has fallen apart into a soggy mess, it would be. Oh, and I have clean the cat litter. And tidy the kitchen. And deal with the lady mustache. It’s not all fabulous glamour.

Seriously, though, this is my favourite holiday because it was made up so recently and purely to help win a provincial election. ‘You know what people want? A day off between New Year’s and Easter!’ We may not agree on everything, Mr McGuinty, but yep.

In semi-related news, I watched Our Idiot Brother yesterday. Formulaic, yet delicious. Because, y’know, Paul Rudd. And Adam Scott.)

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