I dove into the new tv season last night. Well, waded, really. Got very angry that ‘2 Broke Girls’ got a second season (it really is fucking awful, people), wondered whether to watch the rest of the final season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (it is the final season, right? we’ve got to wrap this up), and checked out the second episode of ‘Revolution’ and got annoyed that I missed the pilot because it was probably great and dumb.

It is, as I mentioned on Twitter/Facebook/etc., going to be one of those shows that I will watch intently, but yell at frequently for its ridiculousness (see also the ‘V’ remake and, to a lesser extent, ‘Heroes’). There was a tavern in the post-apocalyptic, electricity-less future lit with seemingly hundreds of pillar candles from Bed, Bath, & Beyond EVEN THOUGH IT WAS DAYTIME OUTSIDE, the heroine may actually be wearing buckle-covered (and therefore ‘outdoorsy’) Fluevogs as her bad-ass, hiking through the wilderness footwwar, there was a chain gang of people in matching, relatively clean, shirts, under which some of the ladies were wearing push-up bras, and everyone’s hair looked great, like the spirit of Vidal Sassoon was supernaturally protecting the people of the wastelands of the (awfully lush and forested) Midwestern U.S.. Surely, they’d run out of Aveda products 15 years after ‘the Blackout’? I mean, despite the show’s many faults, at least the people on ‘Lost’ looked disgusting and greasy a lot of the time.

But, y’know, Giancarlo Esposito makes everything better. Which reminds me that, next up, I need to catch up on the last season and a half of ‘Breaking Bad’. Maybe it’ll counteract some of the televisual pollution I’ve been ingesting.

(Also, re. the actual Emmys, yay to ‘Homeland’! That show is pretty great, even if I did pick at it too.)

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