Queen Victoria.


(Slept in entry.)

Not that I have any money to speak of right now, but I’m struggling to figure out when and where to travel this year. The main contenders are Iceland and Scotland, both places I’ve been before, but Newfoundland and a roadtrip in Northern Ontario are also high up on the list. If I won a pile of money tomorrow, I’d definitely go to Australia and New Zealand. Or Thailand. Or anywhere.

I don’t really travel to challenging places, because I’m a baffling combination of nervous and self-sufficient (I travel alone, but do a lot of planning in advance and don’t tax my sign language abilities much). I’m also generally broke; travelling to Africa is not an option for a good long while as the flight would cost more than a Megan-budgeted week in Berlin.

That having been said, has anyone volunteered overseas? I’m wondering if it would be a good option for me, but a lot of programs require more time than I have (no more than three weeks, probably), because I will feel kinda useful and helpful, but is it all colonial and ridiculous to go to Nepal and teach villagers English (please note, I probably wouldn’t choose this one)? Am I actually adventurous enough to go to a country where I don’t speak the language and not stay with friends who do (or in a hotel with English-speaking staff)? It’s tricky to know what I’m capable of unless I try, but I’m not sure where to begin as a very nervous person.


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