#100BM Day 44 or thereabouts

Judging by my stats this week, I think that, by virtue of my posting the crap out photos from this trip, no one is reading this, so I could literally say anything here without issue.

But I won’t.

Shout-outs to Jackie and Chris for hauling my arse around, and to Ali for making most of the travellin’ arrangements.

We’re in Lévis again after another long day of driving through mostly beautiful scenery on generally pretty terrible roads.

It had been too long since I listened to Northern Pikes.

The Confederation Bridge is very long, but not very interesting to be on. But it is still astonishing that anyone decided that to build that kind of thing ACROSS A BIT OF OCEAN, though.

Stay here if you’re in Charlottetown. Jay and Carol are very nice and it is incredibly priced given the service.

Even if one has had an icky tummy, a trip to a fromagerie is not to be skipped.

I bought no souvenirs save a four-pack of beer from PEI.

Scores is an essential part of a trip through Quebec.

Beach Chair lager isn’t terrible.

Underwires are murder on an under-tit sunburn.

Saturday nights are for cat gifs and going to bed early.

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