The cold persists. I have a 12-hour day ahead of me because I took an evening shift as a favour to another manager (I did this before I got sick, obviously). No one can cover for my mistake this time around, though, ’cause all the other managers have early morning jobs during the week, and two of them are working other weeknights this week already. I’m going to try to sleep in until 9 tomorrow.

Also, in my haze of ick, I lost track of just how moved-up the publication cycle on the guide was, so as of yesterday afternoon, I was almost a day behind on work. Now I’m down to about four hours, maybe, but holy crap,  can I not afford that kind of error, nor that kind of stress. Today, I will make a proper ‘To Do’ list instead of relying on my increasingly dull brain.

However, after hearing a staffer complain about having to edit a student newspaper when she had H1N1 and was hallucinating? I feel a bit better less bad about my situation. Also, being upright is much less difficult today than it was yesterday, even though the phlegm is creeping in a southerly direction. I guess any progress is good?

Because I’m so very boring this morning, go read about The Gay Lifestyle. It’s pretty gay. Also cute, yet dull. Kind of like me sometimes.



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