‘Everything must go’ sales.


#100BM Day 12

I barely blinked when bike shop dude called back (after I called this morning to ask why my bike wasn’t ready – turned out that no one had even looked at it yet because most of their repair staff have had flu or something this week) to tell me I needed $200 worth of work done to it because almost all the non-wheel bits that keep it moving need replacing.

My non-reaction was not because I’m loaded (believe me, I am nooooootttttt), but because, over four years, I’ve only spent about $150 keeping that thing running. Replaced tubes and brake pads, kept the chain lubed, but that’s about it. And I’ve been biking hundreds of kilometres a week, ~8 months a year, for nearly four years on that thing.

It’s totally worth it.

It will cost me $3.40 to get the work today because my Presto card is AWOL.

That is not.

One thought on “‘Everything must go’ sales.

  1. 200 km a week
    4 weeks a month
    8 months a year for
    4 years equals

    25,600 km.

    $200 divided by 25,600km equals .07c per kilometre.

    Cheaper than anti-depressants.

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