#100BM Day 77 – 2

I actually went to bed a couple of hours ago, but my body and brain laughed at the idea of recovery and woke me up. It is now 11:26pm.

The race was not good. My time was pretty awful; not as bad as the one from when I did a half- with a sinus and ear infection, but only just.

Undertraining, blazing sun (seriously, who puts a race on frickin’ Carling Avenue or Scott Street over nearby shadier bits), and allergies all made things miserable (what did I ever do to you, lilacs?!). I could not catch my breath after getting back to Ottawa after a foray to Hull because of blooming flowers along the canal (and the fact that I’d already done 17km). Walked much most (?) of the last three K.

Ugh. So much ugh.

But I did a half-marathon this morning! And I am doing another one in October that will hopefully not bed as terrible! Celebrate good times, c’mon, etc.

Hamish has a cold, which is a first maybe. Wheezy sneezes and copious eye goo. Hoping the vet can fit in a visit tomorrow because he is really not well. Agh. My poor ancient beast.

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