Extra credit homework.


Ten things about Chicago.

1. Based on the number of academic buildings I’ve passed and advertisements I’ve seen, there are more universities here than in the whole of Canada.

2. There are also more chuggers.

3. Service people here are some of the least fakely polite I’ve ever come across.

4. Bars are intimidating here, not through anyone’s fault but, possibly, mine, because friendliness is intimidating. I want to be alone with my thoughts and beer.

5. There is too much to do and I would need a month to do all the things I wanted.

6. The El is kinda gross, but damned handy and not at all scary.

7. Chicago does storm panic more seriously than Ottawa, for far less terrible weather.

8. This is even more amazing than I thought it would be.

9. The demands of Second City (casts, crews, customers, and students) are such that a gigantic 24-hr Starbucks exists in the lobby, the first I’ve ever seen.

10. I have signed up for another class, this time online, so that I can be more prolific/funny.

2 thoughts on “Extra credit homework.

  1. Katy

    I love Chicago. Every time I visit, I’m like, I could live here if not for the awful weather! I think that storm that came through while you were there was, to be fair, a blizzard as it headed east from the plains. Chicago doesn’t usually do storm panic. I once spent a weekend there where it snowed the entire time, and no one seemed fazed.

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