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#100BM Day 16

I said ‘Oh my God’ aloud to no one this morning (even the cat wasn’t around, even though he’d been bugging me for food* since 3am) when I saw that the Professor Blastoff crew had scored MOLLY RINGWALD as a guest. I am delighted! Their campaign to get her on the show lasted all of, like, two weeks! (She follows them on Twitter, so they knew she was a listener).

Now if only, after, like, THREE YEARS of trying, they could get Soleil Moon Frye on.

Of course, I wasn’t as giant a Ringwald worshipper as some, but my mother and her best friend took me (and the best friend’s daughter) to see For Keeps when I was 11 to scare into not getting knocked up young. 26 years later, I am still childless, so I guess it worked! Thanks (?), Molly!

* Made a mondo rookie mistake; Hamish had been protesting and ignoring THREE kinds of canned food after the first couple of bites all weeked, leaving a fortune of meat and fish pastes lying around to dry into pucks. In desperation, I gave him tuna yesterday. Now that’s all he wants. He sings the song of his people day and night in pursuit of the precious Cloverleaf. He woke me up approximately 970 times in the seven hours I attempted to sleep. He is not my friend today.

He also has spring fever bigtime, but if I try letting him out, he just crouches and shivers on the front porch because it’s still too snowy for his delicate little feetsies. Then he comes back inside to whine at the door some more.

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