I’ve been up since 7:30am, running around doing baking prep and suchlike for the big family/friends-of-family gathering this evening. It’s just down the road and around the corner this year, rather than in the wilds of Wakefield, but that’s okay. I have some major crafting I have to get done tonight, so the earlier I’m home the better.

Got some bad news this afternoon: my aunt, while up in Halifax visiting her soon-to-be-retirement-condo, had a serious gallbladder attack and needed surgery to have the fucker removed. That was on December 1. I don’t know if any of her (internationally based) kids are with her or not, but it’s possible I might be flying to Nova Scotia next weekend if she still needs someone to help out. This week is laden with work that can’t really be done without me, otherwise I’d be on my way to the airport right now (assuming I could afford any last-minute flight; Do people buy tickets at the airport anymore? It happens in the movies all the time.)

So, yes, I’m a bit distracted, very worried (my aunt is in good shape, but is nearly 70, so this is still a pretty big deal), and still have 800 things to do in the next few days. At least the baking for today is done, but now I have to go glue/glaze a thing, after chopping up some other things, for a Secret Santa project.

Here are the Monkees, proving they can sing (again).

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